18-19.01.2014 Articus german shepherd dog specialty show

This year was the first exhibition organized by the club Articus. What was very well organized in large Manezh and good cafeteria. Where was warm and everybody can hide himself in the smaller pauses time from large cold.
Thanks a lot to handles and helpers.
Our kennel dogs showed in a exhibition good competitions very good results reached with very good places.
Below attached photos from show.

Judge: Erich Bösl (SV)
Helpers: Viktor Salalui ja Madis Koitla

6-9 months 14 males in ring
Sunntoya’s Ballack VL2
(Father: Wallaby vom Kapellenberg Mother: Fest Kiefer Jenifer)
Owner: Daniel Heinmaa

Sunntoya’s Cameron Cliff VL6
(Father: Ljustikhof Forward Mother: Fest Kiefer Zamira)
Owner: Agnes ja Andres Aruaas

6-9 months 7 females in ring
Sunntoya’s Cassandra VL1
(Father: Ljustikhof Forward Mother: Fest Kiefer Zamira)
Owner: Jaanika Aruaas

Sunntoya’s Boa VL2
(Father: Wallaby vom Kapellenberg Mother: Fest Kiefer Jenifer)
Owner: Liina Sepp

18-24 months 7 females in ring
Fest Kiefer Prada SG1
(Father: Ljustikhof Forward Mother: Fest Kiefer Jenifer)
Owner: Diana Grudina

Working class 12 females in ring
Fest Kiefer Jenifer V1 + EST sert
(Father: Ingodds Agassi Mother: Fest Kiefer Issis)
Owner: Diana Grudina

Fest Kiefer Zamira V3
(Father: Yoker Gim Mother: Esmeralda Meisehof)
Owner: Milvi Idavain

Working class 13 Males in ring
Perry von Regina Pacis V3
(Father: Shicco von der Freiheit Westerholt Mother: Bellina von Regina Pacos)
Owner: Tatijana Mishchenko & Natalia Mishchenko
Thanks a lot to handles Tatijana Mishchenko, Annika Toome, Jaanika Aruaas
Thank a lot to help Diana Grudina