20-21 of January Articus German shepherd speciality show.

On the 20-21 of January Articus German shepherd speciality show was held in Kurtna where 167 dogs were registered. It had highly competitive level where 61 of them were from other countries.

Judge Harald Hohmann (SV), helpers Viktor Salalui and Lauri Bauvald (körung helper Rene Radala).

Our kennel’s dogs were very successful on both days and brought a lot of joy and positive emotions for their owners at the first dogshow of the year.

All pictures of the show below.

Our results:

6-9 months male puppies

VL1 Questsunntoyas (Team Leiksaid Charlie & Sunntoya’s Jamila)

6-9 months female puppies
VL5 SunntoyasQueen (Team Leiksaid Charlie & Sunntoya’s Jamila)
VL7 Quencella (Team Leiksaid Charlie & Sunntoya’s Jamila)

9-12 months female puppies
VL6 Sunntoya’s Oceana (Figo von der Werther-Mühle & Fest Kiefer Netra)

12-18 months males
SG7 Sunntoya’s Maui (Kaspar von Tronje & Team Leiksaid Morena)

12-18k months females
SG4 Sunntoya’s Naomi (Team Leiksaid Camelot & Fest Kiefer Jenifer)

Working class females
V2 Sunntoya’s Boa (Wallaby vom Kapellenberg & Fest Kiefer Jenifer)
V3 Sunntoya’s Cassandra (Ljustikhof Forward & Fest Kiefer Zamira)
V7 Oberlauf Fleur-de-Lys (Tyson vom Köttersbusch & Oberlauf Zhasmin)

Working class males
V6 Sunntoya’s Ballack (Wallaby vom Kapellenberg & Fest Kiefer Jenifer)
V7 Zyklon vom Repitition (Willy vom Kuckucksland & Holly vom Kuckucksland)

Working class longhair males
V2 Sunntoya’s Göber (Willy vom Kuckucksland & Fest Kiefer Netra)

In addition to the exhibition
Best female bitework Sunntoya’s Cassandra
Best male bitework Sunntoya’s Ballack.

Kennel Sunntoya’s the second place in the breeder’s class was attended by our dogs Maui, Naomi, Cassandra, Boa and Ballack.

Part of the dogshow Zyklon vom Repitition passed lifetime SV körung with dog leader Eha Kõrve.

Thanks to all owners, handlers, helpers and supporters!
Diana Grudina, Jaan Kotkas, Valentina Roomet, Danil Henmaa, Eha Kõrve, Jaanika Aruaas, Kaia Otti, Kauis Otti, Tatiana Mishchenko, Oksana Semenova, Anastasia Smirnova, Irina Sõsoljatina, Rene Radala, Kalev Loit, Terje Tammemäe, Elise Volens, Team Leiksaid kennel, Galina Kovaleva, Milvi Idavain, Malle Kiisma, Marika Glõsenko, Maie Hulkko, Silver Koit, Marjon Koit.