Articus club best dogs in 2018!

Best of the best dogs of club Articus in 2018 🍾🍾🍾
Best longcoat male
Sunntoya’s GΓΆber nr.1πŸ†
Best males
Zyklon vom Repitition nr.1πŸ†
Sunntoya’s Ballack nr.3πŸ†
Best females
Sunntoya’s Boa nr.2πŸ†
Oberlauf Fleur-De-Lys nr.3πŸ†
Sunntoya’s Cassandra nr.4πŸ†
Best male puppy
Questsunntoyas nr.1πŸ†
Best female puppy
Quensella nr.3πŸ†
Congratulations to owners and kennel Sunntoya’s supporters!!!!!