Sunntoya’s Damina Sündis: 01.01.23 (Newton Armagedonas & Baldrsens Lamborghini) Otsib oma päris inimest. Rohkem infot PM Malle Kiisma Diana Grudina

Breeding male Team Zilber Wasserfall Zen Graf (Team Zilber Wasserfall Uragan & Zilber Wasserfall Furiya) VA1, IGP2, BH, Kkl1, 2× Best TSB male Dog HD/ED: A/0 (FCI); Normal/Fast normal (SV); LÜW0, OCD free, DM N/N, DNA Owner: Leonid Eivin

A new exciting litter of German Shepherds puppies are expected at the end of May. Message me if you would like to know more.