Born 07.07.2013

3 males and 5 females(1 male and 1 female longhaired)
All puppies sold

VA2 (BY) 2012 LJUSTIKHOF FORWARDFader: Ljustikhof Forward

HD/ED: Normal/Normal
Obedience: Kkl1, IPO1
Show result: VA2 (IT), Best bite work in show

FK Zamira 17 monthsMother: Fest Kiefer Zamira

HD/ED: BA/00
Obedience: KK2, Kkl1
Show result: V1, SG1, Best bite work in show

Born 8 puppies


Sunntoya’s Capone

Sunntoya’s Cameron Cliff

Sunntoya’s Cesar (pikakarvaline)


Sunntoya’s Camira

Sunntoya’s Candy

Sunntoya’s Cassandra

Sunntoya’s Chocolate

Sunntoya’s Cafera (pikakarvaline)